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Football is a game for everyone whether male or female, young or old. Inclusion is Scottish football’s greatest asset today with an emphasis placed on increasing participation to improve health and wellbeing. Through the work of dedicated volunteers who give up time to run social football enterprises financial restrictions have largely been eradicated, allowing people who could otherwise not afford to participate to play for free or at minimal cost.

A range of football programmes are run by the Scottish FA and affiliated organisations to support inclusion. There are currently two Disability Soccer Centres in operation in Scotland which are designed to give players with disabilities an opportunity to play football in a safe, fun and challenging environment. The Scottish FA supports programmes which provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments and wheelchair users.

For more information on the range of opportunities to play and enjoy football in Scotland visit the following websites,

Coaching and Volunteering, Scottish Football Association

Disability Football, Scottish Football Association

Recreational Women’s / Girl’s Football, Scottish Women’s Football

Recreational Youth Football, Scottish Youth Football Association

Scottish School’s Football Association

Recreational Men’s Football:
Scottish Amateur Football Association
Scottish Welfare Football Association

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